Our Chat with Hollywood Makeup Artist, Melissa Hibbert!
KARIF was able to catch Melissa Hibbert, celebrity makeup artist and beauty extraordinaire to discuss her company SHEEQ Cosmetics and dish highly resourceful beauty advice!  Having launched SHEEQ in 2013 as a luxury cosmetics and skincare line, Melissa shares with us the inspiration behind her brand, customer favorites and gets  us ready for warmer weather with Spring beauty advice!1. SHEEQ Cosmetics is a unique name that we know is laden with meaning and personal significance to you. Could you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your brand?Yes, the inspiration behind the brand and name is quite significant to me. SHEEQ stands for "She's Exquisite" - I want all of the women who were our brand to feel unique and beautiful which is what makes her exquisite. Is am aspirational brand that, at it's core is all about empowering women to reveal their best self through Beauty.sheeq-cosmetics 3
2. Which SHEEQ Cosmetics products resonate the most with your costumers and why do you think people love them?
Our customers love SHEEQ and many have fell in love with both our Foundation products as well as our lip products. Our Foundation provide a true match for Women of Color. We have successful converted many customers from the other leading brands to now loyal SHEEQ customers because our products deliver - in addition to being healthy for the skin with our Paraben Free and Non-Comedogenic formula. Also we celebrate being Bold and it's manifested in our lip gloss and lipstick collection. Many of our colors are vivid and vibrant with an array of shades for every skin-tone. The SHEEQ customers walks into a room and she's seen!
3. What’s your most beloved, SHEEQ Cosmetics product to date?
My most beloved SHEEQ product is our Hydrating Mango Face Cream. I absolutely love how moisturizing it is on my skin. The velvety formula also contains a natural blend of 5 oils and exotic mango and Shea Butter, to increase skin elasticity and ease dryness.sheeq product 1
4. We are excited to try out your cosmetics line; everything from the Flawless Liquid Foundation to the 3-Step Skincare System! Are there any new SHEEQ Cosmetics products scheduled to launch in the near future?
Yes, we are always excited to offer new luxury products to our customers. In May, we will be launching our BB Cream - Age Defense - Tinted Moisturizer - Its subtle coverage leaves a natural looking finish. We will provide it in 3 shades - Light, Medium and Dark. It's absolutely brilliant and perfect for Women.
5. Besides the SHEEQ Cosmetics products that will be featured in KARIF beauty boxes starting this spring, which SHEEQ Cosmetics skincare product should a woman use this spring to ensure that her skin looks and smells wonderful?
For the Spring, I absolutely think Women should use our BB Cream because it's has moisturizing properties with a hint of coverage. Also, coming off of the winter weather, all women need to polish and freshen their skin. I would recommend our Mint Exfoliating Facial Polish - a gentle face polish with ingredients derived from sugar, for a mild deep cleanse. Apricot Oils smooth and clean skin without drying.sheeq products
6. Last but not least, in your many years as a celebrity makeup artist and beauty professional, what is the most sacred beauty tip that you live by?
My most sacred beauty tip is, less is more. When applying makeup think about balancing the face. So if you do a bold eyeshadow look like a smokey eye, balance it out with a nude or soft lip color. And vice versa, when wearing a bold lip, keep the eye to a minimum with a soft gold and color and two to three coats of mascara. Beauty is about revealing your best features, so play up one at a time. <3

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