2014 Beauty Product Releases!
In an effort to keep you all in the know, we've rounded up some beauty releases we are most excited about.  This post lists but a few of the great many products that are scheduled to launch later this year.  In any case, these are the beauty products we were very excited to learn about ~ so we just had to share them with you!1. Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, Released in January,2014Jergens BB Skin CreamNow, this is truly an innovative product since we've never heard of a BB cream for your entire body. BB creams are usually considered as lightweight makeup that is slightly tinted for minimum coverage on your skin.  But we found ourselves asking how would it apply to your body in general; Wouldn't it get all over your clothes and cause a great big mess? Well, it appears that all of these questions were addressed with this product was created.  Jergens' Body BB lotion comes in two different shades, for light skin tones and for dark skin tones, and applies sheer on the skin.  Not only does it absorb directly into the skin, Jergens Body BB Perfecting Skin Cream promises to gradually improve the appearance of your skin with continual use.  It sounds particularly interesting to us because of it's perceived ability to even out dark spots and eliminate discoloration on skin which is a common issue that darker-skinned women face.2.  Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, Released in January, 2014olay face gelReleased in January, 2014, this moisturizer promises to keep your skin moisturized throughout the night and into the morning.  Because it contains light-weight ingredients, Olay's Dew Fresh intends to moisturize you skin without clogging your pores.  What's really interesting about this product is its gel formula, which also includes a powder to control oily skin.3. China Glaze, Sea Goddess Collection,  Launching Spring 2014china glaze 2014china glaze 2014 (1)China Glaze's new nail polish collection is reminiscent of the soft blue, green and pink hues that are typically encountered out at sea. Despite their soft shades, the China Glaze's Sea Goddess collection is heavily textured and has a glittery, shining finish, which may not be appealing to some.  However, one thing is for sure with this nail polish: your nails are guaranteed to catch people's eyes from a distance.  It's always a good thing when your nail polish can do that!4.  NARS Matte the Multiple, Launching March 1, 2014NARS-Matte-MultipleNARS released several spring collections this month, but the one product we are most excited about is the NARS Matte Multiple.  coming in Anguilla (ginger pink), Exumas (pink apricot), Siam (poppy red), Laos (rose coral), Altai (rose bronze), Vientiane (copper bronze), and Cappadoce (golden bronze), the NARS Matte Multiple is set of multi-purpose cream sticks that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks.  Matte finishes in cosmetics seems to be  a upcoming trend in 2014 and the NARS Matte Multiple  will delivering that to us in a multi-faceted product!5. Shea Moisture Cosmetics, Launching Summer 2014Shea moisture cosmeticsShea Moisture, a renowned name in natural hair care will be unveiling its first natural cosmetics line this summer!  Hitting Target stores in mid 2014, Shea Moisture announced its cosmetics launch during Korto Momulu's show during New York's Fashion Week last week.   Shea Moisture's makeup collection comes in a variety of earthy shades and finishes made with fully natural ingredients  and starting a whole new standard of organic cosmetics  designed for us brown girls!6. MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection, Released in February, 2014MAC-2014-Fantasy-of-Flowers-Collection-1Fantasy of Flowers is one of many MAC collections being released this spring.  Introducing lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows, blushes, fluid lines, mineralized finishes and pigments in lovely shades of pink and purple, Fantasy of Flowers hits the mark with the kinds of hues perfect for spring beauty and fashion!7. Sonia Kashuk's Bath and Body Collection, Released in January, 2014.Sonia-Kashuk-New-Body-Bath-Line-MainWe've all come across Sonia Kashuk cosmetics, makeup brushes and other makeup accessories at Target, but we bet you haven't heard of Sonia Kashuk's Bath and Body Collection that was released earlier this year.  The collection debuted with body washes, body butters and body lotions in exotic scents like Red Promisia, Pink Innocencia, and Purple Seductia to provide for a deeply aromatic  and moisturizing experience.

So what do you think?

Which one of these beauty products would you like to try out, or see in your KARIF beauty box?   Communicate your suggestions to us we prepare our inaugural boxes!

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