Before Buying An Eyeshadow Palette
Sampling and purchasing an eyeshadow palette that is of good quality for the price point your looking for can be an especially tiresome experience. Thankfully, many beauty shops give you the chance to try a particular palette a try before you purchase. However, even then, you might not know how what qualities to look out for when shopping for a new eyeshadow palette.  Here are some things you should look for:1. First things first: SWATCH! You maybe be walking through a shop (or searching for reviews, when shopping online) and come across this bangin' palette. You step up to it and know that you can rock the colors already. However, good eye palettes have colors that are highly saturated and apply well on to the skin.  To swatch, slowly graze the eye shadow using the balls of your fingers, and observe color's pickup. Does it sit well on your skin? Is the eyeshadow true-to-color on your skin? Determine these things before you purchase.2. PAY ATTENTION: Look for whether the eyeshadow you have just swatched has a powdery consistency vs. cohesive consistency. The difference between powdery vs. cohesive is that quality eye shadows have a good cohesive feel. Finding out if an eyeshadow's colors are cohesive is a good indicator of how it will apply on your skin.  Shadows with powdery do not apply well. They will feather and fall a part when you apply and the color will not last long - it doesn't matter if you're wearing the best eyeshadow primer beneath.3. Tip for darker-complexioned women: There's a myth floating around that the darker your skin tone is, the less likely it is you will find an eyeshadow palette that shows on your skin. This exactly what it is: a myth. When searching for an eyeshadow palette, ensure that the shadows are of good quality and combine perfectly with the warm, cool or neutral under tones in your skin.  This is your key, play up your undertones!

and finally...

4. Watch for yellow eyeshadows, especially: As women of color, finding good yellows is especially difficult because they are the hardest color to work with it. Most eye palettes tend to have powdery (see Tip #1) or chalky yellow eyeshadows that render an ashy look when applied on dark complexions.  When purchasing an eyeshadow palette look for yellows that are highly pigmented and cling well to a brush.Other ways to determine if an eyeshadow palette is of good quality is to determine whether or not the color picks up well on a brush,  has  a high degree of blend-ability, and lasts for a long time. However, what  sucks is that these metrics apply once you have acquired the palette and have created your first look. This is where KARIF becomes of value to you -- wouldn't you like the opportunity to sample as many eyeshadows without spending a fortune in the process?  Share your responses below! 

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