Surprise! Here's Something You Probably Didn't Know
Natural oils contain different properties and can aid for many different things. Coconut oil, for example, is known for its moisturizing effects on skin and hair, while Avocado oil is notoriously used across civilizations as a hair growth serum.And since oils can be put to many uses,  here's another way to use it: as a make-up remover!Almost any oil can work effectively as a makeup remover simply because oils can lift makeup debris like effortlessly.  Also, not only can natural oils remove make-up, they can bring further benefits your skin as a mositurizer to soften that dry skin and a night cream, to protect and nurture the thin skin beneath your eyes.The next time you run out of your favorite make-up remover, grab your favorite natural oil. You'll be amazed at its capacity to lift the most stubborn of makeup while nourishing the skin with natural vitamins and nutrients!What's your natural oil of preference? Please share below!!- Team KARIF

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