April 24, 2016
An Au Naturale Hair Revolution!
Just the other day I came across a commercial for Dark & Lovely's Au Naturale hair products for natural hair.  I saw a beautiful, black woman strut from point A to point B running her fingers through her hair and occasionally stretching out one of her fabulous, bouncy curls for all us to gape at and see.  She was pure adoration and I couldn't help but have a proud black girl moment. I mean, just a few years ago the natural hair movement was still in its formation and no one thought it was possible.  Some of us (okay, maybe like 90% of us) still relied upon our creamy crack a.k.a relaxer for our hair needs.  We had grown complacent and defeated because it seemed like this was it--this was the only thing that could be done for our hair. On another end, we were very misinformed. In those days, we barely understood our hair and how to truly care for it.  I remember how I used to dread washing my hair. I'll be completely honest.  Washing my hair was like doom-day for me because it was always hard to get it back to where it was.  After washing it, (because of improper drying techniques) I would either blow dry and have hard, dry hair afterwards, or I would air dry and have hard, dry and tangled hair.  I'm pretty sure many of us have gone through that experience. But now look at us! We're in 2014 - Natural hair care products are springing up every month, bloggers are dishing out advise showing us how to properly care for our hair and droves of black women everywhere are declaring their independence from relaxers and fully embracing their natural hair. At KARIF we encourage these kinds of revolutions and try to be a part of them.  If there's one thing the natural hair revolution has taught us, it's discovering our own beauty.  How wonderful is it to finally appreciate what you already have and love it? - Team KARIF <3


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